Demotivator – Five Tracks

Hello internet. I recently released six songs under the title ‘Five Tracks’.

The songs are mostly about relationships and girls, tragically, but that’s ok.

First I have a YouTube channel where you can listen to all of them:
Demotivator – Youtube

Next you can purchase them on iTunes here, which I would really appreciate as it would be a support and massive favor to me:
Demotivator – iTunes

This post will outline the songs and show the artwork for the tracks.

Demotivator – Five Tracks

Five Tracks - Demotivator

The cover for ‘Five Tracks’ by Demotivator

01 – Loneliness  4:10
02 – Talking With You  3:37
03 – She Didn’t Trust Me  7:01
04 – This Girl  4:10
05 – Someone Like Me  4:08
06 – What I Done Wrong  5:27


Loneliness by Demotivator

The artwork for ‘Loneliness’ by Demotivator

Loneliness is the first song on the EP.  It’s generalized around the theme of the title, ‘Loneliness’, and has some good solos and synth tones.

Talking With You

Talking With You by Demotivator

The artwork for ‘Talking With You’ by Demotivator

Talking With You is the second song, and based around the theme of conversing with oneself as a means of communication, due to a lack of access to the person it’s for.

She Didn’t Trust Me

She Didn't Trust Me by Demotivator

The artwork for ‘She Didn’t Trust Me’ by Demotivator

She Didn’t Trust Me is the epic of the EP, and all about the difficulty of maintaining a relationship without that key component, and the frustration one feels when it can’t be earned.

This Girl

This Girl by Demotivator

The artwork for ‘This Girl’ by Demotivator

This Girl is a simple Beatles inspired ditty which is about the idea that the person you were with is the only one for you.  Perhaps a fear we often hold.

Someone Like Me

Someone Like Me by Demotivator

The artwork for ‘Someone Like Me’ by Demotivator

Someone Like Me is about the idea that a former lover replaces you with a version of yourself that lacks your flaws.  An image of you in a perfect world, which ironically…isn’t you.

What I’ve Done Wrong

What I've Done Wrong by Demotivator

The artwork for ‘What I’ve Done Wrong’ by Demotivator

What I’ve Done Wrong is the sixth track on the EP ‘Five Tracks’, and is about the idea that the people who are closest to you are also the most comfortable around criticizing you.

Familiarity breeds ‘concerns’ about another’s choices, which turns into deconstructing them through criticism.

These are the themes of the songs, not concrete statements.   I hope you enjoy the music and I look forward to recording and releasing my next collection, ‘Failure Man’ (EP).

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