“They’re Rapists”

Imagine the following exchange:

“By the end of the weekend, more Americans will have been killed by Mexicans than ISIS or sharks”

“Oh, I see”

“There are so many Americans being raped and murdered where liberals won’t go, they just take the cheap labor”

“Ahh?  Really?”

“Yes, a 32 year old woman named Kathryn Steinle was recently shot to death by an illegal inmigrant named Francisco Sanchez”

“Well that is very unfortunate and sad.  That’s an awful thing to happen.”

“Yes so you can see how Mexico is sending rapists and murderers across the border to kill whites”

“Umm.  Really?”

“Yes, really”

“How about that white guy Dylan Roof shooting up that black church?”

“Stop obfuscating the issue!  There’s all these raping and murdering Mexicans!  Roof was just a lone nut, we have to look at mental health issues!”

“What about the churches that were burnt down by white people in the south after the murders?”

“That was only a few churches and there’s no evidence they were racially motivated.  What about these rapist, murdering Mexicans?”

“Umm.  I think you seem…a little…uhh…racially biased…”

“Don’t you say it…”

“Yes…that maybe…you can only see crime if it is by a minority you don’t like…like…you side with white cops…you blame gun violence on blacks shooting blacks, blacks shooting whites, Mexicans shooting whites…never whites shooting blacks…”

“…don’t you go there…”

“You blame rap music and rap culture…you freak out about the black panthers but deny any tinge of violence amongst the white tea party fringe…you bring on black commentators to attack the black community, you blame Muslims for ISIS and but deny any remnants of racism in the American south.  Is it possible…it is at all possible…”

“No…no you don’t!”

“You are just a tennnnnsy bit…just a little…racist?”


*huff huff*

(…being called a racist is the most damaging and disparaging thing you can call somebody…even worse than a rapist…!!)”

The above is an amalgamation of arguments and statements put forth by the likes of right-wing trolls Ann Coulter, Donald Trump and Sean Hannity, the three of which are the worst offenders when it comes to blaisely ignoring crimes done by white people, and incessantly race-defiling black people and Mexicans, while simultaneously ignoring all socio-economic contexts.  

Then they express outrage at any mention of the “r” word.

A great man.

The man of the hour.

These self-aggrandising race baiters have gone out of their way to twist facts, such as Trump’s now infamous assertion that Mexicans flooding over the border are ‘raping people’, eerily echoing racist spree shooter Dylann Roof’s declaration to members of Emanuel AME church in Charleston, “you rape our women”, before viciously murdering them.  

That is who Trump aligns himself with.

The claim by Trump comes from a study by Fusion magazine that claims a stunning 80% of the women crossing the border from Mexico are raped along the way.  

From this sentence alone, it is clear Trump greatly and racistly distorted the findings of the study by using it to claim the problem is not women being raped by criminals during a perilous crossing, but that Mexico is ‘sending rapists’ into America.

The Fusion article.

No one disputes that rape is occurring on the border, and it is an incredibly sad and awful thing for these Mexican women.  What is disputed is the idea put forth by Trump that rapists are freely pouring across the border with the intent of exacting rape and violence upon (white) Americans.  The victims here are the poor Mexican women who are being manipulated and brutalised by criminals.

It is also clear that the Mexican males who are actually emigrating to the United States are in no way synonymous with these rapists and criminals, and their intent is to find a better life for themselves and their families.

Trump takes this study and rankly manipulates it solely to instill racial division and drum up support from from a particularly odorous sect of the right’s voting base.


Not a race baiter.

A wonderful woman.

In comes Ann Coulter, who writes a book claiming the end of America is to come at the hands of Mexicans, defending Trump on one of her trolling offensives and striving hard to be as unapologetically racist and craven as she humanly can.  

Now we hear about an illegal immigrant Francisco Sanchez, who recently murdered Kathryn Steinle in ‘sanctuary city’…liberal bastion San Francisco.  

Trump instantly jumps on Twitter to claim rhetorical victory.  The family of Steinle talks about how this illegal immigrant was arrested five times and yet allowed to stay in the country, leading to her murder

San Francisco is too liberal!  Their unwillingness to uphold border security is to blame!  

That is the refrain.  There was a failure somewhere in the system to detect a criminal aspect to Sanchez, this is true.  They failed to find it, and he went on to commit murder.

But it in no way justifies despicable comments about Mexicans as a whole being rapists that are crossing the border.  I did a little research and the statistics are broad and complex:

Immigrant crime statistics.

These varied statistics indicate that there are indeed criminals crossing the border, but that in proportion to any other ethnic groups, they are not noticeably more criminal.  

Although illegal immigrants make up roughly 15 percent of the prison population and only 8 percent of the population, 74 percent of them are imprisoned for immigration offences.  

Only 6 percent are imprisoned for gun crime (and 25 percent for drugs).  The statistics on rape?  I’m not sure but I doubt it’s not proportional to any other poor population.  The majority of the victims though, it is clear, are the Mexican women themselves.  

This speaks to Trump’s obfuscation of the facts.  He would have his audience believe they are pouring in and raping white Americans (the only population which really matters to him), something flagrantly untrue.

The problem with picking one failure of the system to paint Mexicans with a broad brush is that you can apply this reasoning to any group.  

By Trump’s logic the entire American South should be expunged for allowing virulent racists to shoot black people, like it was a decision made by the ‘white race’ and the south, instead of by a member of a racist movement emanating from the south.

He talks about the Mexican government ‘sending’ rapists and criminals across the border in a recent NBC interview, as interviewer Katy Tur blankly stares at him with an occasional awkward smile as he talks.

When lightly pushes back, he slams her as a ‘very naive person’, who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  Katy accepts it meekly and moves on to the next question, as if she isn’t being put down by a gigantic pompous windbag leaking putrid shit-gas into the atmosphere through a puckered, stinking face-hole.

It seems Trump can continue calling everyone a loser because he’s a shameless asshole that has been successful in business, and lie and throw out misinformation because there’s no one can call him out for being a giant sack of putrid shit, as they rightly should.

As a side note: yesterday one of my favourite talk-shows (The Young Turks) pointed out a remarkable and strangely counter-intuitive fact; the rate of illegal immigration is actually reversing.  This goes against the ‘streaming across the border’ narrative of the entire mainstream media.  Take a look: decrease in illegal immigration.

Here’s how an interview with Trump should go: 

“Mr. Trump, do you expect to be a good president as a giant pile of rancid shit that lies constantly, is only good for blustering and being a ridiculous cunt, and whose only worth is in how much money you make and the fact you are a tremendous asshole with no sense of shame?”.  

THAT’s the conversation we should be having.  If this world made any sense, interviewers would just dump on Trump constantly for being a joke.  But they don’t.  They treat him like an actual candidate, and that’s terrifying.  I am scared for America.  

His ignorant, racist stupidity and flagrant self-aggrandizing narcissism would result in total disaster for the U.S and much of the world.  His presidency would be nightmarishly bad for millions.  It would turn America into a total laughing stock and self-parody.

Hopefully the voting public sees through him in time, and relegates him to second-tier, Sarah Palin-like status.

If the dialogue continues this way a debacle of epic proportions is approaching for the GOP.  Maybe that’s just fine.  They will keep sowing racial division beneath a thin veil of concern for shooting victims like Kathryn Steinle, fomenting their self-indulgent narcissism to that final point where the right in American will look less like Jeb Bush…even less like Donald Trump or even Ann Coulter, but a lot more like this guy:

The new republican mascot.

The new republican mascot.

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